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Doctors & Staff

Meet the experienced and friendly doctors and staff who make Doctor’s Eye Center the leading provider of vision care products and services in Silsbee.

Dr. Ted Vorster

Dr. Ted

Dr. Vorster has been in private practice for 26 years. His enthusiasm about eye care is obvious in his caring, humorous personality. You are sure to enjoy your eye care visits more with Dr. Vorster than ever before for several reasons: his approach is refreshing; he is very knowledgeable and well informed on latest technologies in eye care; he really cares about your wellbeing and visual health.

Dr. Vorster was born and raised in South Africa, got his first Optometry degree in Johannesburg, practiced there for a year and then moved to Houston, Texas. He pursued further education at the University of Houston, College of Optometry where he got his Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) and his Doctor of Optometry O.D) degree. He then took it a step further and did a Masters degree in Physiological Optics (M.S.) which addressed how contact lenses affect the eyes when insufficient oxygen is allowed to reach the eye. The combination of being highly educated, well informed, enthusiastic, caring and very personable will make your experience at Doctor’s Eye Center very unique, enjoyable and comfortable.

Cindy Arredondo- Office Coordinator


Every office needs a coordinator that is not only a joy to meet and talk to, but is also efficient, task oriented and alert to the patient’s needs. Cindy is this very person for Doctor’s Eye Center and portrays the friendliness and caring that is the hallmark of Doctor’s Eye Center. She takes care of scheduling, checking in patients, office flow, questions and concerns that patients may have, and ensures that your experience is calm, enjoyable, personable, and timely.

Kelly Williams – Ophthalmic Assistant


Kelly is very personable and committed to helping make your experience at Doctor’s Eye Center enjoyable.  Kelly is responsible for all patient pre-testing, which includes evaluating visual field, color vision, depth perception and visual acuity. Kelly also performs most of the ophthalmic photography and specialty testing.

Lisa Thompson- Insurance and Relations Coordinator


Lisa may not be seen much at Doctor’s Eye Center, but her presence is very necessary to the efficient functioning of the office. She verifies benefits and eligibility of all patients to make sure that insurance plans and benefits are still in place, so that benefits get paid. She also has the huge responsibility of alerting patients when their yearly wellness eye exam is due, so that no unexpected eye disease occurs. She is also for keeping Doctor’s Eye Center virtual presence on Social Media current and informative, as well as, keeping the web site up-to-date.  She loves training new contact lens patients and will calm any nerves with her warm gentle ways.

Linda Williamson – Lab Manager


Linda is in charge of the Onsite Optical Lab at Doctor’s Eye Center. She has an extensive background in optical lab work and doctor’s assistant roles and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Doctor’s Eye Center. She is in charge of ordering and receiving prescription lenses; verifying lens powers, type of lens, lens material, tint, coatings, and all lens specifications; cutting lenses into selected frames so that they match doctor prescription for distance power, reading power, lens orientation and thickness, lens separation, and prism power. Linda’s final responsibility in the manufacturing process is to precision check and determine the exact matching of the prescription lens to the patients’ vision requirements. Linda’s dedication and devotion to precision optical manufacturing brings and element of quality to Doctor’s Eye Center that is unmatched and unsurpassed anywhere else.